A dōjō is a place for immersive learning or meditation.

Dojo on the Wave is just that – a home for those pursuing an original experience; one where mastery, music, play, & meditation collide.  

The vision was born when music producer Davix Foreman experienced writing music at sea for the first time. The immersive meditation that the journey provided was enthralling, allowing him to access a flow state never before felt. Together with his business partner David, the Bailey Grace Sailing Yacht was completely refitted and transformed into an incredible space to host guests and recording artists alike.

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During the summer of 2022, Dojo on the Wave hosted artists from around the globe to record a unique album, written and recorded entirely on the Bailey Grace. 

Now offering a variety of charters from overnight Caribbean Sailing Adventures exploring islands such as Guadeloupe or Montserrat, to half days sailing and snorkeling Antigua’s stunning coastline; there’s an immersion for everyone abord Antigua’s most luxurious sailing charter yacht.


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David- CEO

David is the Executive producer Of “Dojo On The Wave”

A music production company created in May 2020 focusing on cultivating and creating new music in luxury villas and using the companies charter yacht to record new music and entertain the artist and environment to bring out their best creativity.

David has over 20 years of TV, radio marketing & advertising experience from the automotive business he has created hundreds of hours of TV and radio commercials as well as Digital And Print Marketing. In 2014 he became an executive manager with Nissan motor company from his role as a general manager in Southern California he started May.

David founded Dojo on the Wave Charters after partnering with Davix Foreman on a dream to facilitate writing camps out at sea. Together, they acquired the Bailey Grace Sailing Yacht. Dojo on the Wave has now hosted a multinational artist retreat resulting in a recorded album, as well as dozens of charter guests who have explored the coastline of Antigua and surrounding Caribbean Islands.

Captain Ian

Captain Ian has a special love for the ocean and has been sailing, fishing, diving, snorkeling and everything else you can imagine on and in water for as long as he remembers!
The culture of the island of Antigua is wrapped around sailing & boating and has been a leading destination for sailing yachts & super yachts for decade. Being a native of Antigua, Captain Ian began sailing at a very young age. Because of this he started his career crewing then captaining mega-yachts & sailing yachts around the world. He later joined the US military and served as a rescue firefighter for over 10 years.

After his military career, he went back to his true passion of being on the water chartering people around the world and facilitating the most amazing experiences that can only happen out at sea.

You can relax knowing that you have the best of the best behind the helm with over 30 years of experience as a certified yacht master, his Merchant Mariner Credentials and US Coast Guard Certificate, and over 20,000 successful nautical miles under his command.

Captain Chris

Chris Miller is an Englishman with a passion for the high seas and a talent for sailing yachts and super yachts. Having spent most of his life abroad, Chris has learned to navigate not only the open waters but also the intricacies of different cultures. He's a walking, talking guidebook, with a wealth of hilarious travel stories and an effortless ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Chris's English charm and wit, combined with his yacht master qualifications and experience on reality show Below Deck, make him a sought-after crew member who adds a splash of fun to every voyage. So if you're looking to set sail, look no further than Chris Miller - he's your captain, navigator, and personal entertainment all rolled into one!

Davix- Producer

David "Davix" Foreman JR. is an Award-winning multi-platinum Music Producer and Songwriter. He is one of the industry's leading unique music professionals. Based in Los Angeles, he drives talent development for the last 15 years. His career includes working with Nicky Jam, Keyshia Cole, Timbland, and numerous TV and film projects. Since 2020, Davix has been passionate about creating strategic partnerships. He collaborates with tech companies, record labels, and entertainment firms through his music production platforms. His company, Dojo in the Sky, services music catalogues for major sync licensing companies. Partners include Sony's Extreme Music, Position Music, Rip-Tide, SongTradr, and more. Davix joins Isina, the music industry's leading International music platform. He mentors, coaches, and produces talent discovered through the platform. First Opus, a new fin-tech company, appoints Davix as their Chief Artist Development Officer. His role is to curate products and influence music demographics. Inanity recently partners with Davix as a consultant and Chief Producer. He curates all music released on the platform, positioning him as a voice in the crypto currency market community.

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+1 (760) 529-1733