Art of Chartering

Chartering a private yacht unlocks opportunities to explore dazzling coastal spots in luxury and comfort to know the art of chartering. With an experienced captain guiding the voyage, you and your group set the itinerary and pace. But all dream charters like dojo on the wave charters start with one key choice – finding the ideal yacht to match your vision and needs.

From sleek sailing catamarans to spacious motor yachts, today’s charter fleet offers an array of stylish vessels ready for adventure. This guide covers the essential factors to consider when selecting your floating home away from home. By determining the right size, layout, amenities, and style for you, chartering becomes an effortless escape.

Determine Group Size

Assess how many guests and crew will join you on board. More people require larger vessels and multiple cabins and heads. Think about:

  • Double occupancy per cabin or single travelers wanting privacy. Kids may need dedicated berths.
  • If crew like a captain, chef, or stew will join the charter. They need berths too.
  • Maximum capacity ratings set by the yacht manufacturer for safety.
  • How seating and bedding in common areas accommodate the whole group.

Scaling the yacht size to your entourage ensures comfortable accommodations for all.

Consider Cabin Configuration

For overnight charters, the cabin layout meets your group’s needs. Evaluate:

  • The number of private cabins or the ability to curtain off sleeping quarters on open floor plans.
  • If cabins feature double berths or twins that convert to kings.
  • Available bunk beds or convertibles to sleep more people per cabin.
  • Headcount of bathrooms – is there more than one for privacy?

You’ll relax easiest on multi-day trips when the boat offers sufficient overnight quarters tailored to guests.

Factor in Range and Crew

Range and features influence how self-sufficient a yacht feels offshore. Look for:

  • Fuel capacity and range to reach desired destinations non-stop.
  • Built-in generators, watermakers, and heavy stabilizers for comfort offshore.
  • Navigation and electronics packages suited for offshore routing.
  • Available cabins and facilities to accommodate onboard crew.

Extended passages require yachts equipped for self-reliance away from ports.

Assess Common Area Layout

A well-designed deck and interior layout enhance the charter experience. Seek out:

  • Spacious decks and swim platforms for relaxing, sunbathing, and water access.
  • Room for al fresco dining, socializing, and spreading out comfortably.
  • Sheltered from sun and rain yet open feeling.
  • Easy access between interior living spaces and exterior deck areas.
  • Unobstructed sightlines from helm and lounges to appreciate views.

Yachts with generous communal spaces and flow between indoors and out make time spent on board more enjoyable for all.

Inventory the Amenities

While sailing skills provide the adventure, amenities provide the comforts of home. Look for:

  • Fully equipped galleys with ranges, ovens, fridges, and dishwashers.
  • Entertainment systems with sound systems, TVs, and onboard WiFi.
  • Toys like paddleboards, kayaks, and water skis to enjoy.
  • Safety extras including life rafts, EPIRB, flares, and first aid.
  • Laundry, A/C, grill, hot water…anything that keeps you content!

Deluxe amenities elevate bareboat charters, while fishing and watersports gear offer activity options for excitement.

Choose a Style that Inspires

Beyond function, the style and aesthetics of a yacht charter set the tone for your experience. Seek out:

  • Design motifs that align with your tastes from sleek modern to natural woodsy.
  • Color palettes and fabrics that create your desired ambiance – bright and airy or richer tones.
  • Decor and furnishings that inspire and complement the cruising grounds.
  • Elegant, distinctive profiles that convey sophistication and prestige.
  • A name that resonates and makes your voyage memorable.

Surrounding yourself with a beautiful design that stirs emotion enhances the escape more than any features.

Captain and Crew Matter

More than the vessel itself, the seasoned crew makes or breaks a charter through:

  • Excellent seamanship, navigation, systems operation, and local knowledge.
  • Intuitive service and hospitality skills to cater to your group’s needs.
  • Matching the atmosphere and engagement level your group desires.
  • Ability to inform and enrich the experience with their expertise.

The finest yacht quickly feels second-rate with inexperienced or inattentive crew. Seek referrals to proven captains.


Selecting the perfect vessel transforms a standard yacht charter into an extraordinary opportunity for connection, adventure, and luxurious escape. Determining passenger count, optimal layout, amenities, style, and seasoned crew ensures your floating getaway feels effortless. With careful selection, you’re free to relax on the journey and create unforgettable memories on the water. Let the right yacht choice transport you.